Sunday, January 24, 2010

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (tv series)

I decided to start with the vampires from the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer because this was the show that first got me interested in the vampire world in popular culture, aside from The Count in Sesame Street of course.

While the show was on, I loved it; however, looking back at the vampires in the series I am I little disappointed.

They don’t really seem to have much substance, and you never really get the whole story on their history.

They are purely blood thirsty monsters whose bite will turn their victim into one of them. When these vampires want to feed, they literally transform into a more monster-like being. This helps to separate them further from any human likeness.

I do like that this show does not hide the true nature of the vampire. They are no longer living humans with the same feelings, they are vicious killers. However,

there is still a part of me that likes the little bit of humanity left in vampires and this show completely disregards that,

except for the few that have had their souls restored to them.

I still enjoy the show for its cheese factor and that is exactly what these vampires are to me, cheesy.

Friday, January 22, 2010

First Post

This blog is going to dissect how the vampire is portrayed in different forms of popular culture. I am not a Goth, or vamp tramp or wanna-be vampire. I am just a person who has always (even before Twilight) found it fascinating how the vampire has continued to have a place in popular culture, and how, even though the main principle of them remains constant, no two portrayals are the same. I am not going to attempt to answer why these creatures have been so popular with audiences or what it is about them that continues to draw us in, because I honestly do not have an answer.
Each entry is going to focus on one portrayal of the vampire from a film, book, or television series. I will begin by going over the certain traits of the vampire in that specific story, focusing on their appearance, strengths, weakness, and any other relevant characteristics. I will then comment on what it is about those vampires that I either like or, in some cases, dislike. Maybe along the way I will be able to answer what it is about them, but I can only answer for myself, so feel free to chime in along the way about your ideas of the vampire. I would really like to learn how others feel about these mythical monsters.