Friday, January 22, 2010

First Post

This blog is going to dissect how the vampire is portrayed in different forms of popular culture. I am not a Goth, or vamp tramp or wanna-be vampire. I am just a person who has always (even before Twilight) found it fascinating how the vampire has continued to have a place in popular culture, and how, even though the main principle of them remains constant, no two portrayals are the same. I am not going to attempt to answer why these creatures have been so popular with audiences or what it is about them that continues to draw us in, because I honestly do not have an answer.
Each entry is going to focus on one portrayal of the vampire from a film, book, or television series. I will begin by going over the certain traits of the vampire in that specific story, focusing on their appearance, strengths, weakness, and any other relevant characteristics. I will then comment on what it is about those vampires that I either like or, in some cases, dislike. Maybe along the way I will be able to answer what it is about them, but I can only answer for myself, so feel free to chime in along the way about your ideas of the vampire. I would really like to learn how others feel about these mythical monsters.

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