Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Top 10 Vampire Character (5 thru 1)

5. Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer – t.v. series)

Spike was put through a lot during his run on Buffy, and after prissy boy Angel left Spike took over as the main male vampire lead. He was violent, brooding, twisted and British, and somehow viewers, myself included, got hooked on the romance between him and Buffy. Unlike vampires nowadays who fall in love with humans faster than they can kill them, he actually had to struggle with this idea and it almost tore him apart (we all remember robot Buffy!).

4. Selene (Underworld 1 and 2 – films)

It was refreshing to see a female vampire who was head strong, independent and able to kick some butt. She broke all the vampire rules. Selene was different from the usual femme fatal female vampire; she was one of the top vampire warriors who listened to her gut and did not let anyone stop her from doing what she wanted. Obviously this was still a Hollywood film so she did all of this while wearing a skin tight leather jumpsuit, but just because you’re a tough female doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy.

3. Edward Cullen (Twilight Series – book series by Stephanie Meyer)

Yes I am sure you are wondering why I have Edward on my list when I bashed the vampires from Twilight. Well this is a list of my favorite vampire characters, and I cannot deny the fact that I too became obsessed with Edward while reading the books. I would like to note that I am talking about the book character not Robert Pattinson’s version from the films. I don’t know how to justify having him on the list, but here he is. Just accept it, I have.

2. Lestat de Lioncourt (The Vampire Chronicles – book series by Anne Rice)

But why not Brad Pitt’s character Louis you ask? Well if you have read the actual books then you wouldn’t have to ask. Like Edward above, I am referring to the book character not the Tom Cruise version of Lestat. You love to hate this character, but you also start to understand him. I think that everyone can find a little of themselves in Lestat, whether they want to admit it or not. He never apologizes for who he is or what he has done. He is the quintessential vampire bad boy.

1. Eric Northman (Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Series – book series by Charlaine Harris; True Blood – t.v. series)

Eric is the Lestat of The Southern Vampire Series: tall, blonde, handsome, unapologetic and ruthless. Many say that Anne Rice’s vampires are the vampires to compare all other vampire too, and since Eric was created after Anne Rice’s books then shouldn’t Lestat be first?

Well, again, this is my list so I make the rules! All I have to say is read the books and then you will know why he is number one.

(Side Note: Anyone else notice the leather motif going on in all of these photos? Why do you think that is?)


  1. I love Eric! So glad he is number one. I hated him at first while watching the t.v. series, but after that haircut he became a more dominant character and such a ruthless vampire. I also enjoy the other vampires on your list. Lestat, of course, is the original "bad boy", unapologetic vampire. SPike became my favourite on Buffy after Angel left. Angel wasn't a good vampire, but I loved the relationship between him and Buffy. Selene just kicks butt as you mentioned and Edward, well, who could resist that vampire. Anyone? No, didn't think so. As for the leather theme...that seems to be a common denominator amongst vampires. Maybe it keeps them warm. I have no idea, but they all look good in it.

  2. I agree Eric is by far the best. Vampire Bill would not be happy with this choice.
    You forgot Keifer Sutherland in Lost Boys, i only say this because it is one of my favs vamp movies. And I would add Alliah or uhh the Lestat (stuart Townsend...sooo HOT) from the Queen of the Damned.
    The leather ? its all about being bad baby.haha and vampires are bad right?

  3. Vampires, so bad but so good... I loved Anne Rice's books. But I am a little embarrassed to say that I fell in love with the Twilight books. Edward was so gentlemanly, but intense and strong-minded. I have not see True Blood but have heard such good things that I am sure I'll tune in at some point.
    Leather: It's the bad boy thing...We know that they are the ones to stay away from, but they have that magnetism that just pulls us forward.

  4. I totally agree with Anne Rice books being better than the movies (even though Brad Pitt is a pretty vampire). The books were amazing and everyone should read them! I would have hime number 1 for sure (that might be because I don't know who number 1 is, but whatever haha).

  5. I must say that Selene was a great choice for this list. She's attractive, a 'good-guy', persistent, independant and kicked some serious buttocks.
    I just keep sifting through this list and I'm wondering why you felt the need to exclude the greatest vampire of them all? The ruler and master of all things vampirical... I'm talking about Count Chocula. Just a great cereal too by the way (haha). Great blog!