Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Top 10 Vampire Characters (10 thur 6)

10. Count von Count (Sesame Street - t.v. series)
10 ah ha ha! Of course you cannot have a vampire COUNT down without including the man himself, The Count. He seems to be a little bit of a sof
ty, but then again he is a puppet so you can’t hold that against him.

9. Blade (Blade 1, 2, 3 - film series)

Being half vampire half human is not a regular occurrence in vampire fiction, but it definitely adds a different kind of plot dynamic. Blade struggles with who he is and hates the part of himself that he can never change. He sets out to slay other vampires, which I think is a way for him to try and hold onto his humanity. If he kills them then maybe it will prove that he is not one of them. Oh and he can kick some a**.

8. Bubba (Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Series – book series by Charlaine Harris)
It is never actually said but more implied that he is Elvis in vampire form. This fact right here puts him on my list because I love Elvis for his influence in popular culture and the same goes for vampires, so it is perfect. Now the character of Bubba is a little different from when he was the human Elvis. The story goes that the mortician, and vampire, who looked after Elvis’s body, noticed he still had a heart beat and took it upon himself to turn him into a vampire because he was a huge fan. However, all the drugs that were in his system and the state he was in when he was turned left him a little vampire challenged. Now he is shared between vampires as a hired hand, he adds some comic relief to the novels, oh and let’s not forget that he has a taste for felines. You can’t help but love this character.

7. Claudia (The Vampire Chronicles – book series by Anne Rice)

I cannot say enough about Anne Rice’s writing and about how she is able to create such a vivid vampire world full of characters you love to hate. I chose Claudia because you don’t really see a lot of vampire children and her character brings a kind of eeriness to the idea. Imagine having your mind mature while your body remains that of a child. She is just as vicious as any other vampire and like many children enjoys playing with her food. Many refer to her as the “Vampire Doll.” I find her character to be pathetic and you can’t help but feel sorry for her.

6. Pam (Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Series – book series by Charlaine Harris; True Blood – t.v. series)
You can’t help to enjoy this character. She has a sense of humour that many vampires lack. She also breaks the stereotype that vampires are all dark and Gothic. She loves wearing pastel colours, cute shoes and reading Dear Abby. Don’t let that fool you, she won’t hesitate to kill you if you make her mad, but she will just make sure to keep it clean so not to ruin her outfit


  1. Great call on Count von Count. Will Count Chocula be featured in 5 through 1??? Keep it in mind Lindsay...

  2. I loved Kristen Dunst in that movie, I remember wanting to be a vampire as a kid and realized that no one was going to suck my blood, unless it was mosquito.

  3. Finally a vampire we can all relate to. Number 10, although misplaced in your list, is a great choice.

  4. I have to agree with Brett: Vampire Number 10 is a great choice. Even though I don't know anything about vampires, the only one I can remember very well is The Most Beautiful Vampire of all times: Brad Pitt!

  5. THE COUNT "OWNS"!!! I love love love the Count. Sesame Street has to be one of my favourite shows of all time. I couldn't imagine growing up now a days watching the current children's programming. Kids that grew up on Sesame Street know where it's at... true values and cultures, characters and sing-a-longs. Afterall, it had a VAMPIRE in it. I always liked when the Count had Cookie Monster as a guest... counting–you guessed it–COOKIES.

    Good post! Can't wait to see the number one. Might I suggest the lead vampire from John Carpenter's "Vampires"...? Classic.

  6. I love the count but Claudia gives me the creeps !